Civil-Military Engagement Course

This 5 day course is divided into four blocks that address Operating in the Whole of Government or “3D” Environment, Civil-Military Priorities and Objectives, Civil-Military Teaming and Advanced CA Skills. Teams will leverage their actual strategic and operational references, giving this course a uniquely relevant approach to pre-mission training. While this course is structured primarily as part of Pre-Mission Training for SOF CA conducting missions as Civil-Military Support Elements, it can be easily adapted for conventional units supporting missions as the USSOUTHCOM Civil Affairs Engagement Program.

Civil-Military Engagement Planner’s Course

This companion 5 day course is focused on the skills necessary for members of a Theater or Regional CMSE. We present this course either consecutive to the CME Course above, or it can stand alone for those with prior CMSE experience supporting the TSOCs. The blocks within the CME Planner’s Course cover the unique CA and CMO aspects of the Planning Process, Analysis of the Civil Domain, Operational Art and Design and Planning Methodologies.

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